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  • Plumbing Services

    At Coastal Rooter, our goal is to provide you with quick excellent solutions to all of your plumbing needs, whether you're a single individual, family, apartments, small business, or corporation. Each individual customer is valued at Coastal Rooter and we want to provide you the best plumbing service so that you know you have someone to rely on whenever the situation arises. We provide and repair[...]

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    Trenchless Rehab

    Sewer Main Work Doesn't Have to Devastate Your Landscape TRENCHLESS REHAB SERVICES FROM PLUMBING EXPERTS IN CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA Leaky and broken sewer pipes used to require extensive digging, leaving your landscape in shambles after the work was done. Modern advancements in plumbing technology such as trenchless rehab, however, allow for minimally invasive sewer main repairs, resolving your [...]

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    Drain Cleaning

    Don't Rely on a Bottle of Chemicals to Unclog Blocked Drains DRAIN CLEANING SERVICES IN CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA A clogged drain is inconvenient, but neglecting the problem or masking it with store-bought products can lead to additional, more costly issues. Don't let a lesser problem turn into a big deal, resolve your fully or partially blocked drains with Coastal Rooter. We identify the source of[...]

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