• Commercial Plumbing Installation & Upgrades

  • When you need new plumbing fixtures installed or it's time to upgrade what's already in place at your business, Coastal Rooter is ready to provide you with a reliable commercial plumbing installation and upgrades. With Coastal Rooter your commercial business is in good hands with our experienced licensed technicians. Whether you run an office, restaurant, a hospital, factory, or other type of business we aim for complete satisfaction in all of our commercial plumbing installation and upgrades. 

  • Our experienced technicians are well versed in the major plumbing equipment available to your business and will get the job done properly. That's why we want you to know you have many options for the newest available plumbing fixtures. We will install or upgrade your plumbing equipment in a timely manner to avoid delay and keep your business running smoothly. Here's a list of some of the commercial plumbing installation and upgrade services we provide:

  • Commercial Plumbing Installation & Upgrade Options

  • Keeping your business running smoothly during your commercial plumbing installation and upgrades is crucial to keeping the faith of your clients and customers. 

    Restroom Faucets and Toilets

    As with all of our services, our expert plumbing technicians will work with your existing plumbing fixtures and equipment. We will help you choose your new restroom faucets and toilets to ensure they are appealing and compatible with the current fixtures during our commercial plumbing installation.

  • Grease Trap Installation


    Kitchen Sink Installation


    Floor Drain Installation





  • Commercial Plumbing Upgrade Options