• Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

  • For the best commercial plumbing maintenance services in San Diego County California, Coastal Rooter is ready to take your call and come to your rescue. We’re the locally owned plumbing professionals who understand your plumbing needs because we live here, and we’ve been serving San Diego County for more than 5 years now. Our commercially licensed plumbers are trained and well equipped to meet the demands and needs of our business clients.

    Coastal Rooter Plumbers Provides Quality Plumbing Service for San Diego Businesses

    Consistent with our view of making San Diego cleaner by providing excellent service to our local and public businesses we guarantee top-notch commercial plumbing maintenance. Whether you manage or own a retail store, hotel, apartment complex, hospital, restaurant, factory, or office, our experienced licensed plumbing technicians diagnose, fix, repair, and run regular plumbing maintenance for all types of businesses. Our goal for all our maintenance services is to protect and care for your plumbing system quickly and efficiently so we can stay out of your way as much as possible. We arrive promptly, do our job well, clean up any mess, and let you continue with your business to save you time and money.

  • Restroom Maintenance

    Keeping private as well as public restrooms clean and functional in any business builds trust with clients and customers. We are all clients to businesses, and anytime I walk into a commercial business to use the restroom and see that it's dirty it prevents me from wanting to do business with that company.

  • Fast food restaurants and gas stations in San Diego, the people are watching and would like for these sorts of businesses to be well kept too. If you're looking to improve your business image by cleaning up your plumbing system and fixtures, then give us a call at Coastal Rooter. We'll help you find quality, durable parts for a great value. Sales increase as consumer trust is built. Make the right decision today for a cleaner, better business image.

  • Restroom Disinfection - Public Restrooms Stink!

    It's common for public restrooms to be rank with acrid smells. Don't let you San Diego business restrooms run off customers before they get past the front door.

    Coastal Rooter removes and helps prevent public restrooms smells and odors from:

    • Restroom and kitchen floor drains and sink traps.
    • Trash. Business trash cans that aren't cleaned consistently, waste bins that's bags aren't refilled, and over-used garbage receptacles that give off bothersome and even unhealthy odors.
    • Toilets that aren't properly cleaned and sanitized. It takes more than Clorox wipes. 
    • Cigarette smoke that fills entrance waiting areas, hotel rooms, and bars. Cigarette ruin furniture and the carcinogens stick to the walls. Watch where you touch!
    • Uric crystals and mineral build up in urinals and drain lines cause foul smells as well as blockage and plumbing damage.
    • Sub-standard in-house cleaning leaves many smells and can become a hygiene safety hazard.
    • Clogs and backups caused by foreign objects such as food and waste can send back noxious smells that continue to grow and spread over time.
  • Every Coastal Rooter plumbing service includes:

    • Quality, Friendly Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Scheduled appointment times - We're ready to work when you're available.
    • Coastal Rooter Price-Protection - We tell you the cost before we begin.
    • No overtime charges
    • Job done right the first time
    • Quality parts with guarantees - We won't install anything we don't trust to protect your home.
    • Complete Customer Satisfaction
    • Complete plumbing maintenance checkup
  • Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Benefits

    Regular commercial plumbing maintenance helps prevent emergencies that cause damage, cost money, and sometimes client trust and loyalty. As human beings we think that however a company treats its buildings' equates to how we will be treated. Treat your office or business right and give us a call for your regular plumbing system maintenance. Check out our Commercial Advantage Plan membership for discounts on plumbing maintenance as well as other plumbing services below. 

  • If you do have an emergency Coastal Rooter expert plumbing technicians are ready to help 24/7! Give us a call at (760) 893-9142 or schedule an appointment here.

  • Commercial Advantage Plan Discount

    At Coastal Rooter we want to be your commercial go-to plumbing experts in San Diego County. We offer the Commercial Advantage Plan membership for our long-term and lifetime business clients. We offer this deal in order to provide consistent quality service to your office or business. With our Advantage Plan we offer membership discounts on all our regular visits. Call us to find out what deals are available to you today!