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  • Diagnosis and Checkup

  • Sometimes when your drains are clogged, it's best to begin with the septic system, but sometimes there's another way. It can definitely save your wallet to find out that it's not a septic issue. 

    Note* This doesn't apply to every plumbing system.

  • Check Plumbing Fixtures

    When looking for the cause of a drain clog, we start from the top and work down. Which floor is the clog located? Is it affecting other floors as well. Use these signs to gain a solid estimate of the location of a drain clog during diagnosis and checkup. If drains upstairs work, but on a lower floor have no flow, then the possibility of your septic tank or disposal system malfunctioning rises.

  • Verify the History of the Slow Drain Problem

    By recounting the history of the slow flowing or blocked drain - such as if it's been failing to function properly since installation or has occurred over time - we can better determine whether the issue is because of improper venting, improper drain installation, or the plumbing fixture (when the problem has always been there) or a blockage has occurred in the septic system. This allows us to narrow down the possibilities and save you money.

    Want to do analyze the issue yourself?

  • Drain Cleaning DIY

    • Blocked Sink Trap - Before you go all out with snakes, wires, or plungers, check the sink trap. It could be that easy.
    • Toilet Plunger - We've all had to do it. Try using your plunger to clear the blocked drain.
    • Plumbing Snake - Next up! The snake. run it down and clear your blocked drain.
  • Call Coastal Rooter - Your Professional Plumber

    If at this point, you're not sure what to do, Call us at Coastal Rooter. We're your trained expert plumbers in San Diego, California ready and prepared to perform a complete diagnosis and checkup on your plumbing system. With fast 24/7 service and immediate repairs, you can get back to your life without the stress and worry of your home plumbing system.