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  • Coastal Rooter in San Diego California is excited for the dual flush H2Option toilet from American Standard as a step to help conserve water that is desperately needed as California continues to suffer from drought and fires. We recommend this siphonic action toilet for everyone looking for a quality toilet to help our state and of course lower their water bill.

    We’re not alone in recommending this toilet to the public, but so does ProfessorToilet.com as well as other experts out there. Many of you are also trying to go green and help out, so we wanted to share what we think is the greatest toilet for homes in our state.

  • The Best Dual Flush Toilet in 2015

  • The dual flush design first took root in Europe and is finally spreading across the United States now that more people are trying to make a difference by using less water and be more efficient. Saving money on water bills as well as helping out the environment that needs all the help it can get has been a helpful push for many families.

    First created in 1980, Bruce Thompson an Australian scientist invented the dual flush toilet to reduce water usage. Think of it like this…

    The average American flushes the toilet 8 times a day which for a 3.5 gallon per flush toilet is 28 gallons a day. For a family of 4 that’s over 112 gallons a day. Turn that into 1.6 gallons for a a #2 flush and .8 gallons for #1 can bring that to 32 gallons or less for that family. That’s only 30%, saving 29,200 gallons for that family in annually!

  • So why haven’t more people chosen to switch to dual flush toilets?

    The major issue that’s kept people from making this switch is that the toilets don’t get completely clean with most dual flush toilets. Unlike their counterparts that pump more water with more pressure, these toilets don’t always clean up all the waste when flushed.

    It’s actually in the science of push vs. pull.

    Toilet Tug-of-War

  • The standard single flush toilet has great power because it pulls water down with siphonic action. This word is derived from siphon, or to suck away. Dual flush toilets have functioned differently. In order for dual flush toilets to push the waste away with water, the bowls are sloped more steeply to use gravity’s force in unison with the water pressure. This is called a washdown flush and less effective than siphonic flushing.

  • The American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

    This is where the people at American Standard came through in creating a truly effective and water-efficient toilet. The H2Option Dual Flush Toilet is the next generation of toilets. No more waste left behind, no more dirty streaks, and no toilet paper stuck to the sides. Leaving you with a clean toilet, and lower water bill, and saving thousands of gallons of water that can be put to a much better use.

    At Coastal Rooter we want to help every family that is willing to install their own dual flush toilet.

    Give Coastal Rooter a call at (760) 893-9152 at your earliest convenience to have us install your new toilet!


    Interesting post... I can't say I've ever heard of the "dual flush" concept before - and I'm from Europe!!! I've heard the phrase "If it's yellow, let it mellow" as a way of saving water - although I'm not so sure I completely agree!! So, I have to admit, I think this would be a much better alternative!! :P Thanks for sharing!!


    Yes, it's a great way to save water and be sanitary at the same time by having a dual flush toilet installed in your home. It's also a great way to cut down on water usage and help the environment. What a better time than when over 200 world leaders are working to help the environment by making a plan for global warming. We can each do our part in making the world cleaner and healthier for us and our descendents. Edgar


    Interesting, I have never heard of a dual flush toilet. If these use a considerably lesser amount of water then there could be substantial savings over time. I suppose that would even pay for the toilet, besides being good for the environment. Seems a better alternative to not flushing after every use.


    Hi Larry, Dual flush toilets are amazing. You're right on all points! I hope you take the opportunity to make the change. Edgar


    Your H2Option dual flush toilet sounds like a technological improvement from those of Europe. It will be annoying to have dirty streaks left behind everytime you flush. I am for anything that helps us conserver water because though it makes more that 70% of our planet, the usable form is limited.


    Great article! I traveled through Europe at the beginning of this summer and noticed the dual flush toilets and how different they are. I had no clue that they are used in order to save water, thats great! I didn't have any problem using them, they should definitely be utilized more here is America since we use so much water everyday for food, showers, ect. Awesome read, thank you!