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  • Hot Water Heater Leaking

  • Problem: Hot Water Heater Leaking

    Is your hot water heater leaking? It may just be a little water at the bottom of the water heater, or it could look really bad with a puddle on the ground nearby. So, how bad is it really? Let's do a rundown on the possible causes of a hot water heater leaking.

  • What Causes The Leak

    Water heaters usually last anywhere from 6-12 years, but rust and the decay of the steel water heater will eventually break it down, causing leaks. There is however, a piece called the anode rod that can protect and prolong the life of your water heater. It's a sacrificial part that is installed in the water heater with the ability to attract the rust to itself through it's electrons. There could be one or even two rods present in your water heater. This part is critical to the life of your water heater. Without it, your hot water heater could break down in 1-3 years. If your anode rod(s) have decayed then this could explain the leak in your water heater.

  • Solution: Hot Water Heater Leaking

    While it could be too late for your water heater at this point, there is a possibility it could be saved by replacing the anode rod(s) and some other parts. However, most likely the hot water heater leaking is rusted beyond repair. 

    The good news is, at Coastal Rooter, our hot water heater technicians are exceptionally well prepared in dealing with this emergency. Each of our technicians has had lengthy training and years of experience in dealing with all manners of hot water heater and other plumbing problems in homes as well as businesses. We flush all others away!

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    So no more to your hot water heater leaking by calling Coastal Rooter today. We're available 24/7 so that no matter when you find the leak, we can arrive quickly stop further damage. We'll help you get the leak repaired by our licensed professional water heater specialists in San Diego, California.