• Why is my hot water heater overflow leaking?

  • Your Question: Why is my hot water heater overflow leaking?

    Having your water heater overflow valve leaking on you can be extremely worrisome and without knowing the repercussions of this leak, you might be scared to even turn the water on. While it's normal from time, wear and tear that your overflow valve can fail causing a leak, you should be especially careful and turn off your water heater immediately upon noticing the leak. A small tank could explode if the pressure gets too high and cause a lot of damage.

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  • Temperature Pressure Relieve Valve

    The temperature and pressure relief valve is a very important part and replacing it quickly when it fails can save money and lives. Before you decide to try and fix it yourself, please read the following:

    Probable Causes for the Leak:

    • Defective Valve
    • Tank Pressure is too high
    • Main Pressure is too high
    • Home Regulator is broken
    • You lifted the valve and now it won't shut properly
  • Solution: Replace Temperature and Pressure Valve

    It's almost a guarantee that the solution to repairing your hot water heater overflow temperature and pressure release valve is to replace it. While the part is simple, finding the reason for your T&P valve being set off will be very important to prevent more damage. To protect your home and your wallet, Call Coastal Rooter at (760) 893-9152 and one of our water heater specialists will arrive promptly to repair and prevent future damage and water heater failure.