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Whether you need trusted residential plumbers or expert commercial pipe lining engineers and technicians, Coastal Rooter is proud to be the Go-To team. We focus on exceeding expectations with extensive plumbing knowledge, experience, and professional courtesy.

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About Us

Coastal Rooter is a full-service plumbing company that is equipped to perform timely, high-quality services for your residential and commercial needs. From Drain Cleaning to Sewer Line Repair and Pipe Lining services, we are the experts that flush all others away!

Our competitive rates and quick response times allow us to assist you with an extensive variety of services in the Chula Vista area.

Excellent Service

We guarantee complete satisfaction on all of our work, including labor and products. At Coastal Rooter, we treat you with the respect you deserve and provide the greatest attention to detail when we work on your property.

We also keep you informed throughout the entire process, and openly answer your questions. Expect the best from your plumbing technicians.

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For more information about Coastal Rooter and the plumbing, sewer, and pipe lining services we provide in the Chula Vista area, contact us today at (760) 893-9152 for a free, no-obligation quote.

We are happy to answer your questions and provide more details on the full extent of our service capabilities. You can also contact us through our easy-to-use online form.

Trusted Chula Vista Plumbing & Pipe Lining Services

Our expert engineers and technicians use only quality plumbing products and take pride in delivering exceptional customer service to every individual. It is important to us that your plumbing project is done right the first time and that you are comfortable having us in your home. Our specialists are licensed, bonded and insured to provide complete plumbing services for Chula Vista homes.

At Coastal Rooter, we also understand emergencies create panic, and with our years of industry expertise, we work hard to repair the damage so you can get back to your day. We provide a diverse mixture of services including commercial and residential repairs, tenant improvements, new construction projects and green solutions. Other services we provide include:

Residential Plumbing

residential plumber in chula vista

To be the best Residential Plumbing Services in Chula Vista, CA, Coastal Rooter is available 24/7 to provide plumbing services when you need them most. We understand your immediate plumbing needs arise when they’re least expected.

That’s why each of our professional plumbers in Chula Vista are available 24/7 for when time is of the essence.

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Commercial Plumbing

commercial plumber in chula vista

Coastal Rooter is proud to serve our local businesses in Chula Vista, California with all of their commercial plumbing & pipelining needs. With nearly a decade of providing plumbing and pipe lining services to the companies of the beautiful Chula Vista area, we offer many professional services for small businesses and corporate offices alike with honest, quality work to keep your business running smoothly.

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Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning plumber in chula vista

At Coastal Rooter we know that clogged drains can occur at any moment. Professional drain cleaning clears backups and protects your pipes from future clogging that can save you time and money from major repairs. Receive a free camera inspection with your next service from our plumber in Chula Vista.

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Trenchless Rehab

trenchless rehab plumber in chula vista

Sewer main damage doesn’t have to be as devastating as it appears, because at Coastal Rooter we do minimally invasive sewer main repairs. Our professional technicians accomplish quality trench pipe relining and trenchless pipe burst repairs that last and protect your lawn.

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Keep the Flow Going With Coastal Rooter – Plumbing Services Chula Vista, CA


Your plumbing system is one of the most important components in your Chula Vista, California, home. Even minor problems with a drain or sewer pipe can disrupt your daily routine. Prevent plumbing problems and quickly resolve them with a licensed and experienced plumber in Chula Vista, CA, from Coastal Rooter.

Make Coastal Rooter your trusted plumbing company in Chula Vista, California for plumbing services including:

Don’t rely on store-bought products to thoroughly clean your drains


While there are many products available that promise to unclog your drains and clear your pipes, these chemicals typically provide a temporary solution, if any, that can lead to further problems down the road. Avoid wasting money on ineffective products by hiring Coastal Rooter in Chula Vista, California to clean drain clogs in your home. With over 25 years of combined experience and the equipment to clean and repair any drain, we are the plumbing company to call in Chula Vista, California. Whenever you need a plumber, we’ll be there there help.

We make sewer repairs without ruining your Chula Vista, CA, property


Cleaning and repairing sewer mains no longer has to result in turning your property into an excavation site. Trenchless rehabilitation technologies allow for minimally invasive sewer services, so you can resolve plumbing issues without sacrificing the integrity of your Chula Vista, CA, property. Call Coastal Rooter today to speak with our top notch Chula Vista plumber about this innovative plumbing technology.

Trust your Coastal Rooter plumber in Chula Vista for your plumbing needs


Whatever plumbing problem or sewer setback ails your Chula Vista, California property, you can rely on Coastal Rooter for fast, courteous and affordable service. We have the expertise to handle plumbing installs replacements and repairs. Call today to have a licensed plumbing contractor in Chula Vista, California service your plumbing systems.

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Plumber In Chula Vista | Reliable Plumbing Services in Chula Vista by Expert Plumbers

Welcome to COASTAL ROOTER CA, your premier destination for reliable plumbing services in Chula Vista. Our team of expert plumbers is equipped to handle any plumbing challenge, providing residents with fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. From emergency repairs to routine maintenance and installations, we are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Trust COASTAL ROOTER CA to keep the water flowing smoothly in your home or business.

Expert Plumbers in Chula Vista for All Your Plumbing Needs

When your home or work in Chula Vista is struck by plumbing woes, COASTAL ROOTER CA is the plumbing service contractor you can trust for an impeccable repair or installation. Our team of skilled plumbers in Chula Vista are trained to handle all your service plumbing and plumbing heating needs with efficiency and precision. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we provide top-notch plumbing services that cover a wide range of requirements, from complex water heater issues to basic maintenance. As a renowned Chula Vista plumber, we ensure that every task we undertake is executed with the highest standard of professionalism, offering more than just quick fixes. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a water line overhaul, our services are synonymous with reliability. We understand California’s unique plumbing challenges and our Chula Vista plumbers are adept at navigating these with ease. COASTAL ROOTER CA is not just another plumbing service; it’s the cornerstone of quality workmanship and dedicated service in the plumbing industry.

Discover Reliable Chula Vista Plumbing Services for Your Home

When it’s time to address the plumbing in Chula Vista, you need a team that understands the unique needs of local homes. COASTAL ROOTER CA offers a comprehensive range of plumbing services, ensuring that every faucet, pipe, and water heater in your household operates seamlessly. From urgent repairs to routine maintenance, our Chula Vista services are designed to cover every plumbing service necessity. We don’t just install water fixtures; we’re experts in the repair and replacement of critical components, making certain your drain system functions without a hitch. Trust in our skilled plumbers to deliver reliable service plumbing solutions, including water heater installations that guarantee a steady flow of hot water for your home. Whether you’re in need of a quick fix or a full-scale maintenance check, our Chula Vista plumbing services are crafted with your home’s integrity in mind. Let COASTAL ROOTER CA be your go-to provider for the water and drain solutions that keep your residence in top condition.

Chula Vista Plumbers: Trusted, Skilled, and Ready to Help

When it’s time to summon a plumber in Chula Vista, you’ll want a team that’s as committed to your home’s well-being as you are. At COASTAL ROOTER CA, our seasoned Chula Vista plumbers stand out in the community for providing exceptionally reliable plumbing services that residents and businesses have come to trust. From the complexities of a water heater installation to the urgencies of a repair crisis, our plumbers deliver quality work with efficiency and skill. As the go-to plumber Chula Vista homeowners and commercial entities rely on, our business thrives on verified reviews praising our trusted expertise and customer-first approach. Whether you’re battling a stubborn leak or planning a significant plumbing overhaul, we promise a responsive and skilled service that exceeds your expectations. Backed by a legacy of experience within CA, our services are more than just a quick fix; our dedicated plumbers ensure lasting solutions that safeguard your water systems and peace of mind.

Plumbing Service Excellence in Chula Vista – More Than Just Repairs

At COASTAL ROOTER CA, we understand that excellent plumbing services in Chula Vista encompass far more than routine repairs. Our expert team of plumbers brings a wealth of experience and precision to every job, ensuring that your home is treated with the care it deserves. From intricate service plumbing challenges to essential maintenance work, we cover all your needs with efficiency and courtesy. Our commitment to service excellence in Chula Vista services means we don’t just fix problems; we provide long-lasting solutions and impeccable customer support. Whether it’s thorough sewer cleaning or comprehensive plumbing service assessments, COASTAL ROOTER CA is ready to handle every aspect of your plumbing requirements. Our customers can always expect top-tier work, safeguarding their homes against future issues. Dedicated to more than just the task at hand, we respect all rights of our clients, offering transparent, reliable services every time. Experience the difference with COASTAL ROOTER CA’s cleaning and maintenance services – where excellence is always part of our blueprint.

Your Go-To Chula Vista Plumber for Emergencies and Routine Care

When the unexpected strikes or when regular maintenance is due, COASTAL ROOTER CA is your reliable plumber in Chula Vista. We understand that emergencies don’t abide by any schedule—that’s why our plumbing services are readily available, ensuring that Chula Vista services are top-notch and timely. With an adept team skilled in plumbing heating service, we handle everything from urgent water heater repairs to the meticulous work of routine care. Our expert plumbers are trustworthy for both emergency situations and standard service plumbing, making us the premier go-to for homeowners across the region. Whether you’re dealing with a pesky sewer line issue or require installation and repair of air conditioning, you can count on COASTAL ROOTER CA for all your plumbing needs. Your home deserves exceptional plumbing service, one that comprehensively covers both air and water systems. When every drop of water and breath of fresh air counts, let COASTAL ROOTER CA provide the plumbing service excellence your Chula Vista residence demands.

Upgrade Your Home with Specialized Plumbing Services in Chula Vista

Embarking on a home upgrade journey is incomplete without considering the specialized plumbing services available in Chula Vista. COASTAL ROOTER CA, a trusted name in service plumbing, brings a blend of reliability and expertise right to your door. Whether it’s a full installation or a timely replacement in your Chula Vista residence, our skilled plumbers are poised to enhance your living experience. From maintaining the perfect temperature in your showers with our water heater services to ensuring pure air quality, our plumbing in Chula Vista is comprehensive. We provide a suite of plumbing service options including efficient drain cleaning, eradicating clogs, and any other services your vista may require. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we’re renowned for our adeptness in both routine care and managing emergency situations. Trust in our experience to upgrade not just your plumbing but your overall quality of life in Chula Vista.

Comprehensive Plumbing and Heating Solutions in Chula Vista

In the thriving community of Chula Vista, homeowners and businesses alike benefit from the comprehensive plumbing and heating solutions provided by COASTAL ROOTER CA. Our expertly trained plumbers are dedicated to delivering top-notch services in Chula Vista, ensuring that every plumbing service is performed with the utmost precision and care. We understand the importance of a fully functional water system, which is why our water heater repair services are unmatched in their efficiency. But our expertise doesn’t stop at plumbing in Chula Vista; we’re also proficient in all aspects of heating solutions, from routine maintenance to complex installations. Driven by a commitment to service excellence, COASTAL ROOTER CA is your go-to service plumbing specialist for both emergencies and routine care, ready to tackle any issues related to water, air, or drain with reliable repair techniques. When you’re in need of trusted Chula Vista services, look no further than our adept team for swift and effective plumbing services, ensuring your home’s heating and plumbing systems are always running smoothly.

Join Hundreds of Satisfied Customers with Coastal Rooter CA Chula Vista Plumbing Service

When you’re in need of exceptional plumbing services in Chula Vista, look no further than the expert team at Coastal Rooter CA. We’ve built a reputation for excellence, with hundreds of satisfied customers trusting us for all their plumbing service needs, from urgent repairs to routine maintenance. Our dedication to quality service and outstanding customer experience has earned us top reviews and a high rating in the local business community. Whether it’s a complex water heater issue or heating system dilemma, our skilled plumbers bring years of experience to ensure your home in CA is well taken care of. As a full-service plumbing and heating provider, Coastal Rooter CA offers comprehensive solutions that meet all your service plumbing requirements. Join our growing list of customers who rely on us for prompt, reliable services in Chula Vista. Don’t settle for less; allow our capable team to demonstrate why we’re the go-to choice for plumbing in Chula Vista.

Choosing the right plumber in Chula Vista is crucial for your peace of mind and the longevity of your plumbing systems. That’s why at COASTAL ROOTER CA, we offer reliable plumbing services delivered by expert plumbers. We understand the unique demands of Chula Vista homes and businesses, and we’re committed to providing top-notch service that you can trust. Whether you need an urgent repair or routine maintenance, COASTAL ROOTER CA is your go-to solution for professional plumbing services. Contact us today to experience the quality and reliability that our Chula Vista clients have come to depend on.

Rich content results: FAQs

Q: What services does COASTAL ROOTER CA offer?
A: COASTAL ROOTER CA provides a wide array of plumbing services including emergency repairs, routine maintenance, installations, water heater issues resolution, complex water line overhauls, faucet leak repairs, drain system functionality restoration, water heater installations, sewer cleaning, comprehensive plumbing assessments, and air conditioning installations and repairs.
Q: Are COASTAL ROOTER CA plumbers equipped to handle complex plumbing tasks?
A: Yes, our team of skilled plumbers in Chula Vista is trained to handle both simple and complex service plumbing and plumbing heating needs with precision and efficiency. They are adept at navigating California’s unique plumbing challenges and offer top-quality workmanship.
Q: Can COASTAL ROOTER CA help with emergency plumbing situations?
A: Absolutely. COASTAL ROOTER CA is well-prepared to handle plumbing emergencies, offering prompt and reliable services to ensure Chula Vista residents are covered at any time. Our plumbing services are readily available to address urgent issues quickly and effectively.
Q: Why should I choose COASTAL ROOTER CA for my plumbing needs in Chula Vista?
A: COASTAL ROOTER CA stands out as a trusted provider of plumbing services in Chula Vista, with a team that is dedicated to the well-being of your home. With verified reviews and a commitment to excellence, COASTAL ROOTER CA delivers responsive, skilled service that exceeds expectations, backed by a legacy of experience within California.
Q: Does COASTAL ROOTER CA ensure long-lasting solutions for plumbing issues?
A: Yes, our expert team is not only focused on fixing problems, but also on providing long-lasting solutions and impeccable customer support. We offer thorough cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring that each job not only addresses immediate concerns but also helps safeguard homes against future issues.